It all started with a story. In the fall of 2007, Rebecca Kirkland was working as an independent producer of Film, TV, and Theatre in Hollywood, California. At the same time, in the mountains of Tennessee, Dwight was a full-time comic writer, college student, and single dad. On day, as Rebecca was browsing the new titles at her local comic book shop, Meltdown Comics, she spotted the graphic novel, Dead Men Tell No Tales by writer, Dwight L. MacPherson. A phone call to the publisher to inquire about property rights led to a phone call with the writer himself, and, fast forward two years to May of 2009, they were married and Rebecca became a wife and mother to 3 young boys on the same day. After their marriage, Dwight went on to win DC Comics' Zuda webcomic competition, adapt American McGee's Grimm for IDW, and write a couple of stories for Gene Simmons of KISS. But they wanted something more... something that was their own. And so, after much thought, Dwight and Rebecca decided to launch Hocus Pocus Comics where Dwight would have the freedom to tell his stories in a way that he thought they would be best told. 

The Brand

Hocus Pocus Comics was created in the winter of 2016, with the official launch in January, 2017. Since then, they have three original comic book series on ComiXology and Amazon Kindle, an ongoing webcomic (Terra Somnium) on LineWebtoon, completed two successful Kickstarter campaigns for printed editions of their flagship title, The Imaginary Voyages of Edgar Allan Poe-- which just won the BareBones Entertainment 2017 Comic Book of the Year Award. The future looks bright indeed as they strive to create the future's myths and legends, one incredible story at a time!